Mel Kimberlin - Illinois

The mission work of Brother Mel Kimberlin sponsored by our church was formerly organized as Tabernacle Baptist Church in a meeting held for that purpose January 29, 2012.  The membership appointed Brother Mel as pastor for their first action of business.  We are grateful to the Lord for allowing us to have a part in the organization of this new church.  May He receive all the glory!

Dan Roten - Oklahoma

Brother Roten is a missionary to the Spanish speaking people in the Oklahoma City area.  He served faithfully for many years as a missionary to Mexico.  He is sponsored by the Sherwood Baptist Church in Newcastle Oklahoma.

Tom Montgomery - Mexico

While Brother Montgomery is a long time missionary to Mexico living in the Mexico City area, he travels regularly to other parts of Latin America to build churches and conduct classes for new preachers.  He is sponsored by the Covenant Baptist Church in Broken Arrow Oklahoma.

Andres Galaviz - Mexico

Brother Galaviz is a faithful missionary preaching the gospel of God's grace and establishing churches in the mountains of Mexico.  While under constant threat of drug cartels, they are a faithful example of trusting God and living life all out for His glory.  He is sponsored by the Community Baptist Church in Elmendorf Texas.

Paul Brown - Thailand

Brother Brown is a missionary to Thailand of whom we are thankful to be a new supporting church.  He served for many years as pastor of the Sherwood Baptist Church in Oklahoma City.  He has a great passion for the new work with opportunities regularly presenting themselves for ministry all over this part of Asia.  He is sponsored by the Central Baptist Church in Grenada MIssissippi.

Terry Spears - Philippines

Brother Terry recently went home to be with the Lord after removal of a brain tumor.  We continue to pray for Cynthia, the boys and now her grandkids.  We will dearly miss this brother but look forward to our future reunion in glory.  He was sponsored by the Grace Baptist Church in Tyler Texas.